Silent Night

After having a baby, the song “Silent Night” began to take on a new meaning.  It is a lovely and moving Christmas hymn, of course, but I don’t understand what was “silent” about the birth of Jesus.  After experiencing natural childbirth, I don’t imagine Mary’s birth experience was a quiet one.  Then, there is a newborn infant – they tend to be loud.

Christmas Eve is always hectic.  It never fails. I started fighting off anxiety the entire week before Christmas and was determined to be relaxed for the family festivities.  We went to Christmas Eve services, which were lovely, and headed home.  The evening went too quickly and after finally getting everyone fed and bathed, it was time for a “Night Before Christmas” story time.  Miriam waved her arms and kicked her feet while I tried to steady the book and her on my lap. Sarah angled for a spot on my lap too.  Fortunately, Rachel helped to steady the baby and book so I could accommodate Sarah, LOL!  Around 8:30pm, Rachel got the big idea that Sarah should sleep in her room, so she would fall asleep easier.  Unlike Rachel, Sarah is typically a good sleeper.  Bryan and I were so taken by the sisters request to stay together in the same room that we risked both girls staying up late.  Rachel went to sleep straightaway, and Sarah finally went to sleep around 10:30 pm.  I think she was so thrilled to be in big sissy’s room that she couldn’t get to sleep right away.

dreaming of Santa

Around 2:00 am the girls decided to see if Santa had arrived.  I didn’t even hear them but Bryan did and got the girls back into bed. Around 4:00 am, I heard Bryan talking and thought that Rachel must have gotten up, but it was Sarah that decided to take another walk about the house.  Since the slumber party in Rachel’s room was keeping Sarah awake, we took her back to her room.  Then, Miriam started crying – ugh!  It must be some unwritten rule of parenthood that your kids will wake you up when you are already really tired!  Fortunately, it didn’t take too much effort to get both Miriam and Sarah back to sleep.

All of the night time festivities resulted in the girls sleeping until 9:30 am!!!  Even Miriam didn’t wake up until 7:00 am!!!  It was a Christmas miracle!

Now, it is 10:30 pm on New Year’s Eve, and it sounds like a war zone outside.  It took awhile for them to get to sleep, but somehow the two little ones have been sleeping since about 9:00 pm! Fingers crossed for a New Year’s miracle – let’s hear it for sleeping in until 9:00 am!  Laugh Out Loud!!!!

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