I’ll Tumble For Ya!

As you all know, Rachel’s major activity is gymnastics.  This past year has been a big transitional year for her in the gym.  She switched gyms last Fall, and she has had a lot of catching up to do.  She wasn’t in any competitions this past year, which was really tough.

Fast forward to June 2014.  Despite lots of frustration and a huge learning curve, she seems really happy now.  I am cautiously optimistic.  I have seen very talented girls clutching to a parent and begging to leave the gym – middle school age kids that had been on the team a long time!  Given the un-predictability of what a kid finds interesting or is willing to do, I am afraid to be overly confident about Rachel’s progress.  (Pride cometh before the fall…..) For now, though, I will share some recent video. It feels like ages since I have bragged on her gymnastics – no competitions and lots and lots of uncertainty have a way of hushing up an over-zealous gym mom.

Below is a video taken today of Rachel doing round-off backhand springs.  She is on a tumble track, but this is a huge improvement!  I am sure it still needs lots of work, but the coach thinks the skill is getting much more secure  and she can do them on the floor now.

Here is a video taken about a month ago.  One night after her regular practice (notice the messy hair), Rachel wanted to show me cartwheels on the beam.  It had been over a year since she had done that trick, so I was a little surprised.  She was eager to show off that skill.  I was so happy, thrilled in my heart actually, that she had the internal motivation and excitement in the sport.

But, like I said, this could be short-lived.  I just have to take a deep breath and support her 110% and not worry about how long this interest will continue.  I need to be the happy and cheerful mom that gives her a pat on the back no matter how good or bad practice went.  I should be the mom that is proud of her daughter whether she sticks a skill or falls or doesn’t pay attention or has to do 100 rope climbs for being goofy….

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  1. Way to go Rachel! She makes those round off backhand springs look so fun! Her cartwheels on the beam are awesome. Those beams are narrow!

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