Lord It’s Hard to Be Humble

“Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble, when you’re perfect in every way” is the line from an old country music song, and it kind of sums up how I view Sarah Amelia.  I know this may seem snobby and incredibly unfair to Rachel, but my youngest is just perfect.  In Sarah Amelia’s case, being the youngest is working to her advantage, because her poor older sister gets the brunt of my overzealous helicopter mom parenting.  Anyway, everyone already knows about Rachel’s awesomeness 🙂

If you are unaware of the many ways that Sarah Amelia is perfect, here is just a sampling.  Be. Amazed.


She throws the perfect temper-tantrum!  Below is a video giving a little sampling of Sarah’s recent attempts to exert control over a can of snack puffs.  I had just gotten home from another demoralizing day at work, and Sarah was screaming.  She wanted the entire can of snacks and wouldn’t accept a few at a time.  After witnessing the perfect fit that resulted from Bryan taking away the snack, I thought we would film another attempt at reasoning with her (I also thought video evidence at my more effect parenting would be fun to have).  Enjoy Sarah’s “perfectly” righteous fury.  Note – you may want to turn down the volume on your computer before opening the video…..


She has “perfect” eating skills.  She loves to eat.  Just this morning, she downed 3 bowels of Cheerios!  For the past few months, she has been mastering the art of using a fork and spoon.  When you love to eat, you have to get those fine motor skills perfected quickly!  Of course any images of her throwing her plate at me (which happened last in front of my mother-in-law) would fall into the “throws the ‘perfect’ temper-tantrum category” – see above.

Learning to use a spoon to eat cereal like a big kid!

Learning to eat cereal like a big kid!


She is an amazing artist!  Check out her mind-blowing work!


these aren't just random scribbles, they are the glimpse of greatness!

These aren’t just scribbles, they are a glimpse into greatness!

the perfect painting job!

the perfect painting job!









Sarah is the perfect little sister.  I think this is inherited from her Aunt Sarah!  Case in point:  she loves to follow her big sister around and will even go along with sitting at a table to “play school”.

Sarah Amelia looking up to big sissy

Sarah Amelia looking up to big sissy


Ok, now it's time to look at the camera

Ok, now it’s time to look at the camera

check us out!

check us out!

 She has the perfect pout.  Occasionally, things don’t go Sarah Amelia’s way….  When that happens, she has the perfect “you can’t be serious” expression.

The first example was taken while Sarah and I explored a shopping/park area while Rachel was at a party nearby.  Sarah kept running away from me, and I wasn’t in the mood to chase her.  So, we needed a time-out.  As you can see, Sarah wasn’t too amused, but I got to see how perfectly (and let me add, sitting perfectly still) she could mope!

Somebody wasn't thrilled to be in time-out

Somebody wasn’t thrilled to be in time-out

Another example is from a day at the beach.  Sarah had a “diaper explosion” and I had to go digging through several bags to find a change of clothes.  While I was searching, Bryan captured what I like to call the “classic Sarah pout”.

Classic Sarah Pout

Classic Sarah Pout

My favorite recent picture of Sarah in “WTH” (what the heck) mode was taken on Halloween.  In all fairness, I had to rip a few seams down the back of her costume in order to squeeze it over her sweet head.  That probably didn’t get Halloween off to a good start.  Then, Sarah wanted to run across the street to see the huge display in a neighbor’s yard.  The pictures below were taken after she realized that running away from Mommy and Sissy was not on the list of activities.  This is followed by Rachel trying to make her feel better – awwwwww!!!!!!

Really Mom!

Really Mom!

OK, Halloween night can be fun!

OK, Halloween night can be fun!               













Finally, she is perfectly CUTE!  Well, of course 🙂  While this list isn’t exhaustive, it sums up my sweet little Sarah Amelia.

my cute little dino!  (notice the pink bow)

my cute little dino! (notice the pink bow)

this is the "I just got a piece of candy" smile

this is the “I just got a piece of candy” smile

Fall festival cuteness!

Fall festival cuteness!

taken just before the diaper explosion that resulted in the "classic pout"

taken just before the diaper explosion that resulted in the “classic pout”

6 thoughts on “Lord It’s Hard to Be Humble

  1. This is hilarious! She is so beautiful! Thanks for posting all the pics (but I wanna see more Halloween – Rachel’s costume). Love my nieces!

  2. I just love this, Ruth. Great to see all this personality and pictures of Sarah. She is a cutie pie for sure! The temper is genetic I think.

    Love to all!

  3. I really love this. Thanks for posting the pictures. I saw her Aunt Sarah in some of the pictures so vividly. I had to laugh at the tantrum!! She is precious. So is Rachel !! Love them so much!!

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