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Recently, I have been VERY melancholy about Sarah’s babyhood/childhood. It seems like just yesterday that we were welcoming Sarah Amelia into the world! It seems almost impossible that Sarah is 2!  Maybe it’s because I am pregnant again?  It’s hard to say.  I wish that a sage person had warned me about how much faster time passes with the second baby.

What’s also a bit surprising is how in-tune Sarah Amelia is with whatever is going on around her.  She has a way of being close.  One minute I feel like I am with an old friend and the next I realize that “the old soul” is my active 2-year old that thinks sticking out her tongue and throwing her utensils in the floor at dinner time is funny (I mean really funny!).  Much to my relief and Bryan’s joy, Sarah is more agreeable to Bryan doing routine things with her; however, Bryan says that Sarah will wait for me by the door and ask “mommy coming home?”.   Yes – that makes me feel like the number one mom of the year!

But just as I start to feel the self-pity of mom-guilt, I look back on the tons of pictures that we have and realize that Sarah Amelia isn’t a neglected or abandoned toddler!  In her special way, she has found her place in the family.  So, here is a sampling of Sarah Amelia’s progression into toddlerhood.

My “little” baby is currently on track to Amazon woman status.

my little baby is getting big!  October 2013

my little baby is getting big! October 2013

Rachel and Sarah Amelia - October 2014

Rachel and Sarah Amelia – October 2014












Comparing siblings must be a normal past-time for parents. Well, that is what I tell myself when I compare Rachel and Sarah. Rachel was small as baby/toddler, so Sarah’s size is unexpected. I found pictures from a local Fall Festival and it is neat to see her continued growth. The running joke in our household is that Sarah is going to be as tall as me by the time she is 10! It doesn’t matter, she will always be perfect regardless! (Just like Rachel will be always perfect regardless of her size.) Come on, I am her mommy – that has to be my thought process 🙂

Sarah Amelia is the typical little sister

In the past year, Sarah has evolved from cute little baby contented with her toys to toddler that thinks that everything belongs to her.  “Mine” is commonly heard around the house, which is followed by explanations about sharing and respecting Rachel’s stuff.   I think it is best to lay a firm foundation of respect for other people’s things early.  For example, on a daily basis Sarah will stroll into Rachel’s room and find a cute doll or stuffed animal and play with the toy.  This aggravates Rachel, because “Sarah is always in my stuff”. I don’t automatically give Sarah a pass to play with Rachel’s things – especially if assured destruction is around the corner, because I think the eldest child is sometimes sacrificial lamb when it comes to tolerating younger sibling curiosity.  If Sarah is being gentle with the toy, I explain to Rachel that no harm is being done to her property and just let Sarah continue playing.  The tricky part is when Sarah declares that “Tucky bear” is “hers and not Sissy’s”.   Things can get dicy.  I have to intervene – ugh!  It seems that Sarah is starting to get the concept of respecting Rachel’s things, but this discourse over property is likely to go on for a long time.

Sarah Amelia having fun with her big sister!

Sarah Amelia having fun with her big sister!


Sarah and Rachel taking a break from Sarah’s 2nd birthday party fun 🙂

sweet sisters

sweet sisters

Sarah looking up to her big sissy.  I think the ever-present eye of Santa Claus played a role in this sweetness!

Sarah looking up to her big sissy. I think the ever-present eye of Santa Claus played a role in this sweetness!













Sarah Amelia has developed a love/fear relationship with Santa and the Easter Bunny

I think that this is typical 2-year old behavior?  Of course the idea of a magical creature bringing toys and candy to the well-deserved tot is great!  That is, until your crazy parents think that meeting Santa and the Easter Bunny would add to the magic of the holiday.   Last year, Sarah was the picture of sweetness when she met Santa and the Easter Bunny.   This year, Sarah seemed excited about both characters until she saw them in person.  Just take a look below to see how each meet-and-greet went down…

Say it isn't so!  Santa can't be that scary?

Say it isn’t so! Santa can’t be that scary?

Really Mom?

Really Mom?












Sarah Amelia loves to sing!

Sarah always seemed a little reserved when we were out and about.  These days she is more out-going, but has been known to still give people “the stare”.  We always thought it was kind of funny that she would give people the “don’t mess with me look” when she was in a new situation – it must be her hillbilly showing through!

Ok, back to my point….  About 6 months ago, I noticed Sarah humming along with the radio and that progressed to singing the ABC/Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or other childhood songs/nursery rhymes.  It is sooooooo adorable!  Here is a little sampling from a few months ago.



There is no pause button on life, especially when you have kids!  Geez, how many parents would love to stretch out the sweetest moments of parenthood????  Since I am not clever enough to invent such technology, I will work with the world of instant digital photography/video in hopes of capturing a few fleeting moments before they disappear.

Sarah celebrating her actual birthday at one of Rachel's gymnastics meets

Sarah celebrating her actual birthday at one of Rachel’s gymnastics meets


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  1. The Easter Bunny IS creep! I don’t blame her, lol! She is such a sweet girl – love her personality and love her sweet voice too!

  2. Both girls are so precious. When either of them smile ,I grin from ear to ear. Love Sarah’s singing !

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