Reach Up For The Sunrise

Last week was  filled with unexpected highs and lows.  Fortunately, several high points rescued the week!  I am not going to belabor the low events of the week, but I will just say Monday night – Tuesday was gut-wrenching.  I mean, just plain awful….

Alas, a blast from the past came to the rescue. It was DURAN DURAN (DD)!!!!!

Yes – Simon, John, Roger, Nick, and some guy that’s not Andy (but still very good)!

Oh dear, I am getting giddy just thinking back to the concert!  The concert was epic in so many ways that it needed to be honored with it’s very own blog entry!

A few months ago, I found out DD was playing in Sugar Land, and I was determined to get as close to the stage as possible. I know how that must sound.  I mean really…  Paying lots of money to go watch a bunch of 50-something year old men sing and dance around.  BUT WAIT – these aren’t just any 50-something year olds – this is DD!  Those guys have tapped into some magical potion that keeps them young (maybe it’s all of the super models they have access to)!  Anyway, Simon is only 16-years older than me to the exact day, which is really not that much! 🙂

Sorry for the digression, back to getting tickets!  My first round of attempts to get the very best seats were unsuccessful, so I went nuclear and bought a “package” that got us about 10 rows from the stage!  I knew that Bryan would rather watch a Barbara Striesand concert with Bill Clinton playing accompaniment on his saxophone than attend a DD concert, but I bought 2 tickets because I wanted a buddy to share in the fun.  After some consideration, I cautiously asked Rachel if she would like to go, and she squealed YES!  As any decent GenX mother, I had already introduced her to DD and routinely quizzed her on DD trivia – for instance – when is Simon’s birthday?  However, I wondered if her excitement was more about getting to stay out late on a school night.  Didn’t matter, I had found my DD buddy.  In addition to the various Houston Symphony family concerts, I had recently taken her to see Yo-Yo Ma, so I felt a little rock-n-roll would increase her music appreciation.

Our picture with Yo-Yo Ma

that’s an excited concert goer!

On the way to the concert, Rachel and I talked about music and lots of other fun topics.  I told her about the first DD concert that I saw with my sister Sarah back in 2005.  She couldn’t believe that I was so excited that I nearly passed out!  She told me, “Mom, if you pass out, it’s big trouble for you.  I am not sure what I would say to the 911 operator!”.  Hahahaha, very funny.  She was worried that she would be the only kid at the concert.  After noticing other kids that were roughly her age, she realized that she wasn’t the only tween dealing with an overly excited middle-aged mother.   Once we were seated, Rachel slowly realized the long-lasting love that the ladies have for DD.  Our seat neighbor had been to other recent DD shows, and she told us that DD signed a Rio album that someone

Oh my word, it’s almost time to see Duran Duran!

held up at the end of the concert.  After seeing that, this lady bought a copy of the Rio album on eBay to try her luck as well.  

This is the “really Mom” look!


Rachel was mortified.  “MOM – What did I tell you? You are not allowed to pass out!”

 When DD came onto the stage, I swear, I reverted to a 10-year old.  Rachel didn’t know what to think.  I mean – she had never seen my Jane Fonda exercise tape influenced dance moves.

DD sounded amazing.  Their new material was very good – really, I am not just saying that.  I kept glancing over at Rachel to see if she was bored or just completely miserable.  I watched as her bewilderment turned to dancing and laughing!  She really seemed to be having a great time!  Of course, I don’t know how anyone could attend a DD concert and not have a good time.  Even if you don’t appreciate their dashing good looks and fashion, they have lots of great songs that are performed very well in concert with LOTS of energy!

I was really impressed with John.  He was very engaging with the audience, and he is an amazing bass player.  He smiled (directly at me, I’m sure) a lot to the audience and seemed to have a lot of fun.


Roger also seemed to be having lots of fun.  I wasn’t able to get lots of pictures of him, but he looks as handsome now as he did in 1984!  Nick had very fashionable make-up and hair, and Simon was fabulous.  Aside from a little bit of aging signs here and there, he sang wonderfully and looked spectacular!

Simon in green!

This is fun!

The concert seemed to go by very quickly.  It was so much fun to have Rachel there with me.  She was so cute, and I couldn’t help but feel lucky to have such a special kid.  She laughed, danced, and told me “this is like a big party”!  It was a great time!

DD played two songs for the encore – “Save a Prayer” and “Rio”.  Before performing “Save a Prayer”, Simon gave a statement about the terror attack that happened in London earlier that day.  It was very sincere and moving.  We all turned on our cell phone flashlights and raised them high during the song.  The somber tone quickly turned festive with the first beats of “Rio”!  They threw out oversized beach balls into the audience during the song.  It was GREAT!  Rachel thought it was so cool!  Our seat neighbor (the lady that brought the Rio album) and I made our way to the stage.  I grabbed Rachel’s hand and said – “LET’S GO!”  She was afraid to follow us, but I reassured her we wouldn’t get in trouble!  Ahhhh, the advantage of being in the “GOLD” section.  DD signed the copy of Rio for our seat neighbor, which made me very happy (and maybe a little jealous) for her!

singing “Save a Prayer”

Save a Prayer










At the end of Rio, the band took their bows and stood at the end of the stage.  We were so close to them!  It was unbelievable!!!!  As Simon moved to center stage, I followed and tried to get his attention.  I screamed – “Simon! Simon! Simon! We have the same birthday!”  He took a few steps closer to the stage, and the entire front row raised their hands hoping to get a handshake!  He didn’t shake hands.  Ugh – I was so disappointed!  I did touch his foot though!









While all that was going on, Rachel was standing a few feet from me getting handshakes from John and Roger, and Roger gave Rachel a drum stick!!!!!  When I turned to her she was holding the drum stick and smiling the biggest smile that I have ever seen from her!  She said “Mom – the drummer gave me his drumstick!”  I almost died!   I missed it!  How could I miss a moment like that!

Mom – I got a drum stick!











All of the ladies (and a few men) standing around us congratulated her and told her that Roger gave his drum stick to the prettiest girl in the crowd!  On the way out, a stage guy handed me one of the oversized beach balls.

Roger’s drum stick!!!

I never imagined taking one of my kids to a rock concert, but there we were, leaving a DD concert at 10:00 on a school night! Since the concert, Rachel has downloaded the Rio album and many of the newer releases.  DD better stay together and keep up the touring, because I have two more daughters to take to DD concerts!


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