I’m Walking …

“I’m walking, yes indeed.”  Little Sarah has been walking for about 2 months, but it has taken about that long to get video of her actually walking! My daughters are pretty consistent – Rachel started walking around 13 months and so did Sarah. For clarification, steps need to be taken independently to be classified as “walking” (mine and Bryan’s criteria). Last night, I was looking back on the Easter pictures and videos and realized that we have plenty of video Sarah walking! Thanks to the portable video recorder and camera that also doubles as a phone, videos are theoretically easier to catch.

Below is a series of video of little Sarah Amelia walking – I like to think of it as “the evolution of walk”.  If you can tolerate my annoying voice constantly saying “Sarahhhhhhh, come hereeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  GOOD JOB!”, you will love this video (especially if you are a Grandma or Grandpa). The first two videos were filmed in the beginning of April.  Sarah had been taking steps for about a month, but they were so short that I never captured them.  You can see in video number one, she was tired of walking and just wanted to play with a slinky…..

In the next video (taken a couple of days after video number one), Sarah decided to take a look outside.                                                         Now, we are getting somewhere.

The ladies at Sarah Amelia’s daycare thought it was funny that I had spent several weeks trying to get video of Sarah walking, because she apparently “walked all of the time” at daycare.  I managed to get the following little video of her toddling around the room at daycare.

And finally, in case you need more sweetness, here is a video of Sarah walking toward the Easter bunny.  This clip is very short because I wasn’t sure if she would start screaming once in the bunny’s lap.  Sometimes videos and pictures are sacrificed in order to care for the subject of the video.  Not always, but most of the time ….  Anyway, there was also a big cord for her to step over, so I was a little nervous about her tripping.  Fortunately, she LOVED the Easter bunny and we got lots of cute pictures (that will be another blog entry, I guess).

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