Rap Session

When I was about a kid (maybe first or second grade), my dad said that we needed to have a “rap session”.  I had no idea what he was talking about.  He couldn’t believe that I was so clueless.  He explained that he wanted to sit down and talk with me and mom about how school was going.  (Who knew that Dad was such  a hippie!  Well, of course Mom was kind of a hippie, but Dad!”)

Anyway, I consider this blog to be akin to texting – a quick form of communication that allows people to stay in touch.  Facebook is great for this as well.  I will probably go weeks without posting, and then suddenly upload a few in the same week.  It’s not because I am manic/depressive (I don’t think so, anyway), it’s because I have found the time to blog and feel like sharing my kid’s and Bryan’s going-ons with friends.  Most of the posts are boastful in nature and hit the highlights of something – keeping it light-tight-and-bright.  Others, might be a little bit more grouchy.

If you like this blog, feel free to leave a comment.  Since we are all buddies, I love feed-back and staying in touch!  Maybe we can have a big-ole internet “rap session” – LOL 🙂

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